Here is our trip... in the air!

7 flights for this trip around the world! For the picky ones (the precision has its advantages ;-)), in fact it is 9 because 2 flights are not direct! But for Anne and Rémy, we'll say 7 is already HUGE!!


Destination not chosen at the start, we were forced to add it to low the price of the plane ticket .... It is really no luck !!!! ;-)

Too baaad !!! We're going to have to visit the Keys and the Everglades!


To really start this trip we chose Mexico! Actually with our friends we chose Mexico, yes with friends it is so much better ... We are waited from such a long time by Suzett, our Mexican "daughter"!


Bolivia, which we probably would not have chosen to visit initially, for lack of knowledge about the country, was recommended to us by friends, always brimming with good ideas, Yann and Val!


For Rémy, not to visit this country of football would have been sacrilege. Between the Andean altiplano, the Patagonia and the falls of Iguazu, we programmed a few weeks of visit ...


The beauties still unknown in Chile await for us, but it seems especially that the Chileans are extremely nice!


Meet Maoris and dance the haka, visit the hobbits, swim with dolphins (Anne's dream finally reality?), We do not know what we will do there, but take the opportunities that will be offered to us.


Driving from Sydney to Perth via the north coast of the country, about 9000kms in 10 weeks will hopefully give us a good idea of the kangaroos and Great Barrier Reef 's country. And then, living Christmas in T-shirt and flip-flops will be a first ;-)


Beginning our journey in Asia by Singapore and Malaysia has a practical side (price of flights) but also a tourist interest (beaches and parks) and in case a time to more: East Malaysia with the island of Borneo and The Brunei ...


When you think of Thailand, you think white beaches, islands (Koh Lanta), elephants and temples ... What will we discover beyond these clichés?


Having known several Cambodian refugees in France, Anne was determined to visit this country whose splendors are praised ...


Christophe's curiosity towards Vietnam has led us to consider it as a must for the journey ...

Burma (Myanmar)

This country booming tourism attracts us strongly. Let us hurry before the authentic soul of this country is distorted.