The idea for a world trip!

Checking my friends’ walls on internet one day I read that one of them was gone for a trip around the world.

That was the spark!

I spoke with Christophe immediately about it and it made us dream for some days. After one week of internet researches for me and financial questions for Christophe we realize we can do it. That was the start…

By the way some days later we just read on our friend’s wall that he was back home, it was just a joke…

But not for everyone!!!! ;-)


The kids!

Leaving for one year with the whole family requires the agreement of everyone. Our kids are teenagers and we know that it is a difficult time to leave friends and go abroad.

Yoann is curious and interested in everything. He’s quickly seduced by one year without going to school… Even if he is afraid of missing his friends!

Remy is really upset to leave people especially grand-parents and friends. He needs more time to get used to the idea.

Finally after some days everyone seems ok and we start dreaming all together about the family adventure!

Back home we’ll have to speak about it to our parents and prepare our bosses.

Our feeling before to leave...

10 months before our departure

Anne: The adventure should start in 9 months. It is still uncertain. I am excited about the trip, but I have some hesitations about vaccination and malarone. I am enthousiastic for each country we will visit. However, knowing my anxiousness, I know that in a few months, if the project is OK, I will feel tense. If this was not to happen, I would certainly be disappointed to miss this great family adventure, but also I would probably be relieved not to get out of my daily comfort!


Christophe: That's it ! The decision is made, we go... Everything is linked in the head. Everything is to be done, where and how to start? About the countries, there are so many extraordinary things to see, the excitement rises. The first few weeks we do not sleep much, the brain no longer goes out, we only think about the project, it does not matter, we are not tired! We are in!, I take care of the budget (charges in France and travel prices), Anne organizes the countries visas, vaccines. Luckily travel guides and Internet are there. Things are going well but now, are we going to leave? We will only know for sure in 3 to 4 months. And then the excitement drops.


Yoann: I do not want to leave. At the beginning I found it cool, but now I do not know at all if I'm going to get used to the idea of leaving...


Rémy: right now I think of the plane that I forgot a little before. I also think above all to my friends!


8 month before our departure

Anne: I am impatient ... The project animates me daily and I am more and more excited by the visit of the few countries to cross. Besides reading the guides, I already have the feeling that a year won't be enough! ;-D We are in the active preparation of some important phases -banks, renting of our home (or not?) And mounting of the sponsorship file- and the more we move forward, the more I realize all the preparation to come. I knew it would be huge but fortunately we are 2 to do it, alone it would be really discouraging !!! I also take the measure of this year out of France. We still have little talk about the project around us: only the family and some trustworthy people are aware of the project. But when they tell us "a year without you? It's going to be weird!" I think that yes, even for us in "great" holidays, it will be new and unusual!


Christophe: Big low energy for me at 8 months before departure. We have prepared a lot of things, lived only around this project for 3 months but we have to wait a few more weeks before knowing if we'll leave ... I decide a break and no longer think and work on this world trip. Finally, except a big discussion with my eldest son who has hold it in since my request letter was sent to my employer. December, Christmas before the time, the answer finally falls, it's GO and on the scheduled date! The motivation is back instantly, we only have to develop our plan (bank, airline ticket, website, insurance, sponsor ...). We don't lack "work", but when January the 23rd we print the 9 plane tickets ... WOUAA !!!


Yoann: I feel more willing to leave. I had to get the idea about this departure and then ... it's not right now. I wanted to talk to my friends but of course I had to keep the secret. Fortunately, the appointment between my parents and my headmaster is approaching and I will finally be able to talk about it.


Rémy: 1 year is too much. 1 month is enough! Fortunately we leave with friends the first month. My parents asked me not to say anything to my friends and the secret was not too hard to keep even if sometimes we were close to give ourselves away!


2 month before our departure